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Kflux, an Editable Granulator for Max for Live

via Create Digital Music von Peter Kirn am 26.11.10

Kflux looks like a killer patch for Max for Live, a granulator you can drop in for sound-bending effects and, if you’re decent with Max, open up to learn more about how it works or edit to customize for your own purposes. At EUR9,99, seems like a must-buy if you’ve got a copy of Max for Live.


  • Automate parameters on the Live timeline, envelopes thanks to M4L’s functionality
  • Make streams of grains, big clouds, textures, and the like
  • Multimode filter
  • Transposition
  • Static, sequenced, and MIDI-triggered modes
  • Freeze or bounce tracks
  • Unlocked; open, edit, and reuse. (Looks like it could use an explicit license there, such as a GPL or CC in order to avoid confusion, but nice to see nonetheless.)

Video overview, plus some sounds via SoundCloud:

Kflux demo : overview from k-devices on Vimeo.

I enjoy some of their creative sound demos:
Kflux samples by k-devices

It reminds me a bit of some of my favorite granular patches from Reaktor, like Grainstates.

You’ll need Live 8 and a copy of Max for Live. The French developers promise more releases in future, too. Buy direct:

Those of you more hard-core Max for Live users may know of other, similar devices to check out. I’d love to hear about them, so let us know in comments.


Reformed Fuzz (Norm+Underwood)

Coelocanth hat ein kleines Mashup von unserer Fuzz Machine Session veröffentlicht.

Hier auf Alonetone anhören!

A mash up of pieces of Norm's "Reformation" and Underwood's "Fuzzmachine" tracks, heavily filtered and effected.

Video von der original Session: